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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  November 14, 2010 7:30am-8:30am PST

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suspected killer: her ex. and he' who police >> a woman and her boyfriend shot to death in the east bay. a suspected killer and her exis on the run. who police are looking for after this weekend's double murder. >> these rogue police officers feel they have a right to shoot an african american male because they say he happened to be reaching for his waistband. >> after another deadly shooting in oakland, renewed protest. members of the african american community sound off. >> the longest overseas trip of his presidency comes to an end. president obama says goodbye to the far east and hello to washington dc. sunday, november 14th, i am
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ann makovec. >> i am phil matier. joining us live in studio. state senator leyland owe not only will he talk about the steps he has taken toward potentially running for mayor of san francisco we will put him on the hot seat over the upcoming budget session to try to resolve california's ongoing fiscal crisis. >> and we talked with gavin newsom. the wide ranging looking as his future job as lieutenant governor. oh, so close one for the golden bears. cal had the top ranked team in the nation on its heels at memorial nation but they didn't go the distance. the stutter step that likely prevented a major upset. a man hunt is on for a man considered armed and dangerous,
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suspected in a double murder a woman and her new boyfriend were shot and killed outside this apartment. she had been living there since splitting with her exboyfriend. this man. he came to the apartment earlier on friday night to confront her police say he came back to kill the couple. we know it was a loud argument she was concerned and had some dialogue with the police earlier this evening. >> heard some lady screaming and heard the shots that was it. i didn't even lookout side. >> he was last seen wearing a red 49ers jacket with black sleeves he may be driving a 99 white dodge van. police believe he may have headed to mexico or new mexico where some family live. police have made an arrest in a double murder they are now in custody police say they are gang members and shot two men
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outside an apartment complex last august. a 19-year-old woman was also shot but she survived. the violence began after two groups confronted each other on san antonio court even though police say the men arrested are gang members they have not confirmed if the shootings were gang related. community meeting in oakland to discuss the killing of another african american man by police. >> reporter: leaders of oakland's african american communities gathered at victory baptist church to discuss another unarmed shooting of an african american man. thursday demonstrators took their protest to the fruit vail bart station the shooting came in the wake of last week's protest of judge perry's two year sentence of former bart police officer meheserle for
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the shooting of oscar grant. >> these officers are warring cameras, if they are, where is the camera with what happened to derek jones. it was directly the result of the mandate police officers have a right to kill. >> he was shot after officers chased him down after he tried to kill a woman. >> the entire time officers were yelling get your hands up. >> most shootings we come to know they happen to be these rogue police officers who feel they have a right to shoot anafrican american male because he was reaching for his waistband. >> click it or tick it time again. police across the state are cracking down on drivers who don't buckle up. the seat belt campaign will last through thanksgiving
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weekend an effort to make sure drivers stay safe this weekend. chp and more than 100 local law enforcement agencies will participate. city of san jose has a brand new fire station despite serious budget trouble and cut backs, fire station number 2 has been refurbished. voters approved a bond measure in 2002 to cover the pro joint account it. it will house anen gin company and truck company. suspect in last week's bay bridge stand off is due in court tomorrow. craig valenti know faces charges of making a false bomb threat and child endangerment he called 911 to claim he had explosives in his car. the upper deck of the bridge was closed. his 15-year-old daughter was in
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the suv. he was distraught over marital problems. president obama returns to the white house. before leaving japan he visited the great bide what a centuries old statue he last saw when he was 6 years old. japan hosted the 8 pack summit where he told the russian president one of his top priorities is getting congress to act on a nuclear weapons treaty. a nobel peace prize winner is letting her voice be heard she addressed supporters, and press on democracy and human rights. myanmar has been under that leadership for years. leyland owe will have to go
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back to sacramento and try to patch up another budget deficit this one totaling $6 billion. >> welcome. >> you have a lot on your plate in the coming weeks in addition to campaigning for the new gig hopefully as san francisco mayor you started an exploratory committee this week. >> that's correct a couple days ago i filed papers to establish an exploratory committee for leyland owe for mayor 2011. this will allow me to begin aconversation with city of san franchise toe to talk about issues they feel strongly about. how do we move the city forward in difficult times. >> one of the hot topics of conversation is who will be the interim mayor when gavin newsom moves up from mayor.
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should the candidate going in se i am not going to run for mayor. >> i have the regard for all those members on that board. i used to serve on that board of supervisors i know how difficult a task is ahead of them i wish them well. but my job and my interest right now is to begin this conversation with the people of san francisco about issues that concern them. >> you said you would be willing to be the interim mayor if you were indeed appointed. >> no, i will leave that up to the board of supervisors. >> if they asked you would you say yes or no? >> i will continue that conversation with the people of san francisco and leave it up to them with what they want to do i guess at some point if that is the case we will sit down and talk about it but my
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interest is talk about the struggle, issues, importance of people of san francisco. >> one thing that is important is money coming from the state. we have a $6 billion budget deficit. it was a get out of town budget, kicking the problem down the road only going to last until january. >> i voted against that budget i thought it was a problematic budget as you now know there were just projections and assumptions that were never true. literally billions of dollars coming from the federal government to bail us out that was untrue that is why i voted against that budget. >> do you think given what the voters said november, do you see going and asking for a tax increase? do you think the state will do that is this. >> at this point, our hands are tied we have to look at existing revenues hopefully we can in fact get additional
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revenues but we just can't go up there and make some more cuts what happened with this particular governor after we closed the budget he whacked off another billion dollars. we are the largest state, the most powerful in this union, we are 47th in spending for public education we can't continue to be the best state, largest state, most important and continue to allow education to fall by the wayside. there has been criticism that maybe you are an opportunist now you are looking at another position. >> politics and opportunist. >> ann i am shocked, politics. the reality is the seat has opened up gavin newsom is
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moving on as someone who came to this city very very young you have to some how look at this when the opportunity shows up. >> leyland owe thank you for joining us. the latest turn in california's tight attorney general race two weeks after election day. >> elsewhere the election is history. former mayor of san francisco willie brown gives his take on the winners and losers, politics from this election. freedom arrives for a british couple held by pirates for more than a year. the sudden new developments that put them on a plane out of somalia. jim bernard, taking shape around the bay the only fly in the ointment, gusty winds. we will talk more about that coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes ,,,,,,
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rachel chandler" arrived in mogadishu a british couple kidnapped by somali pirates more than a year ago are free. paul and rachel chandler arrived on their way to kenya on their way to london. last year pirates boarded their 38-foot law in the indian ocean and since then people around the world have tried to release them. kamela harris holds a razor thin lead in race for attorney general. harris is ahead by 300 votes. if final tally may not be known until the end of this month. just about everywhere else
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votes are counted we are getting a clear look at winners and losers. >> that race there is phenomenal we haven't seen something like that, a statewide race going back and forth almost with every newscast, that could hold out until thanksgiving but willie brown whipped out his knife and started carving out this election i sat down when he stopped by the studio this week and said okay who came up and who went down. >> winners losers, top to bottom governor senate on down. >> republican party wiped out statewide only one office pending to be decided attorney general. therefore the republicans are the big losers. this is a blue state and appears it will continuously be blue in perpetuity because there does not appear to be one live republican capable of getting elected statewide. >> we will wait to see on the attorney general what did it
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say about big money? >> it is rejected in california. meg whitman would have been better off distributing that money from a plane high above. >> what about the unions they put incredible money. california teacher association, over $10 million into these races. >> they invested as they have always invested over the last few years those investments paid off because they had better quality candidates, more consistent with what the state of california has become demographically speaking. >> carly theorina. will she come back? >> i think she will try she will evaluate. i don't believe this was an only one run for her. i think she was seriously thinking about a career alternative. she lost her job in the corporate arena. >> can some body come back from
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these elections? >> absolutely you can always come back phil it is amazing how voters are very unforgiving. >> under all circumstances they will let you know that as well. >> speaking of forgiving and coming back, gerry brown, biggest challenge facing him as he takes over the governor's office? >> he has to implement what he said in that commercial. i am prepared to take the state back to 1980 when i was previously governor that means the abolition of a ton of programs. >> he has to cut deep his popularity will be -- >> as far as gerry is concerned popularity was never a big deal for him he has always been who he is. he operates on the cheap side and will with government. >> local races your take on the oakland mayor race. >> major upset.
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as a matter of fact in oakland you have to say that is the strangest application of so called rank choice voting anybody has ever heard of. it is clear when you win almost 40% on the first round, if there had been a run off, he would have been competitive but in rank choice voting when you say anybody but you almost guarantee the person if they don't win on first round. >> surprises san francisco? >> almost no surprises i rolled the dice to say the democratic central committee would not be as persuasive as in the past. i didn't realize how devastating it could be to the county committee if they did all the things we politicians do when they were supposed to do the things politicians do not do. >> final question who do you see as the leading contender to
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replace gavin newsom. >> as of this moment if i had to roll the dice, i would say rose pack, steve kaba. >> one is chief of staff for the mayor and the other political dynamo. >> you are joking. >> no, i am not neither name surfaced neither of them want the job they would do the job in a way they would not be considered lame duck. what you have got to avoid you've got to select some body who really will be the mayor this town requires leadership you can't have the board of supervisors being being also the mayor. speaking of board of supervisors, two spots up for grabs because of the rank chase voting. >> they haven't decided who will make the vote, the old board or the new board to replace gavin newsom it never ends it just goes around and
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around and around. >> that is why we have jobs. >> here is probably the biggest job in the morning jim bernard give us the weather. >> going around and around we are. as we see high pressure settling across the bay making for a lovely weekend high and dry the trend here. warm temperatures, for this time of year gusty winds high country as we see some streaky clouds moving into the bay today, just high cloud cover no threat of rain in the picture for the foreseeable picture even at the beach we have a lovely sunrise here. gusty winds, as mentioned into early tomorrow morning, camera is out atop mount vacca. shaky they are looking at 20- mile an hour winds, wind advisory up to the hills around the bay here, into tomorrow morning looking for steady winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. higher gusts expected as well could take it up to 50 or 60
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with temperatures headed up. we are looking mid- to upper 70s across the interior as we look at the afternoon forecast here we see sunny and warm will be the trend with gustw winds around into and through tomorrow morning mostly sunny all the way back to the beach here mid-70s there even at the coast upper 60s low 70s today, doesn't exactly sound like ice skating weather, never the less that time of year holiday ice rinks are opening up. embarcadero and union square. continuing through the holidays as once again we look at a high pressure system building in. storm track well by to our north and keeping it there through the week. we will look at a chance of rain maybe come next weekend between now and then we will look to this high pressure system to dominate the leading edge of this high bringing gusty winds into the area out of the north, northeast and they will be with us into the
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beginning of the week. high and dry on the warm side gusty conditions in the hills here around the bay, through the bay into tomorrow before the winds start to die down later in the week low clouds and fog will begin to form as winds shift to more of an on shoreg that is still a few days away. mid-to upper 70s across the interior, mid-to low 70s as you work back towards the water. 70s at the beach. statewide more of the same. in the valley, warm temperatures under mostly sunny skies as we look at the forecast this afternoon down to candlestick we will talk upper 60s for the 49ers and rams and beautiful sunny afternoon taking shape more sunshine until mid-week when we see an increase in cloud cover with the next chance of showers headed our way just in time for next weekend. a nice long break here take advantage of it while it lasts
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i am sure there is more rain soon to come. >> dot to love it put on your sun tan lotion, go down have a skate around the embarcadero and head out to the 49ers game. >> all under the 70s. thank you. >> stanford keeping its rose bowl hopes alive with a tough win on the road. >> cal able to hang on but it didn't quite get it. nope the ducks they got them. oregon's high powered offence the stutter step that may have helped prevent the huge upset
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okay big question could a half second stutter step have been the difference between cal fran celebrating a huge upset win. >> top ranked oregon ducks squeak out of town victorious. kim coyle. >> cal became the first team to hold top ranked oregon below 40 points but would it be enough to pull off the upset. cal down 15-13. 24-yarder appears to give the bears the lead but he gets called for an illegal shift after the stutter stepping before the kick. try it again from 29-yards hooks it wide right oregon run
7:57 am
out the clock hang on for the 15-13 win. >> andrew didn't pull a touchdown pass this season. owen bangs it home. stanford wins 17-13. warriors come back came up short. hits the dagger bucks win 79- 72. warriors shoot a season low 34% from the field. quakes were eliminated from mls playoffs colorado, kimora scores the goal. rapids win, advance to championships, sharks and flames, scores for the first time in 9 games missed last 67 shots on goal the sharks beat the flames of course coming up at 10:00 a.m. it is the bengals a colts, that is a look at sports have a great day. photos of the fab four never before seen if public. the new beatles exhibit you can find in berkley and we will
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recap our top stories including a double murder in fairfield. police know what they are looking for. >> san francisco's mayor gavin newsom has a new job and challenge. he has a lot on his plate. what he has on his to do list before leaving the mayors office ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? gunshots, and that's when i saw her laying on my front door." a woman and her boyfriend,
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killed in you just heard gunshots. about four gunshots and i saw her laying on my front door. >> a woman and her boyfriend killed in cold blood. now police are looking for her exboyfriend who they say is armed and dangerous. >> east bay community, activists demand change after another african american man shot and killed by police. the racial tensions deepen as city leaders try to help cooler heads prevail. the man who brought the bay bridge to a stand still last week is about to face the consequences. what he could be in for when he faces a judge. welcome back it is 8:00 a.m. thanks for joining us i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier. this week i got a chance to sit with the lieutenant governor
8:02 am
elect gavin newsom he is looking forward to his next job but has unfinished business in the city he will talk about priorities he has for his final time in office. >> plus it is more than just yesterday rare photos, more than 40 years old never before seen in public images of the beatles now on display. the exhibition in berkley. the world's biggest social network wants to take on e mail. nothing is official yet but we will tell you about facebook's rumoured attempt to take on g mail. first the hunt is on for a man suspected in a double murder in fairfield. a woman and her new boyfriend were shot and killed outside this apartment yesterday morning. police say she had been living there since splitting with this man her exboyfriend, 50-year- old ricardo martinez. delong. he came to confront her earlier
8:03 am
and then came become to kill the couple. >> she was concerned and had dialogue with the police earlier that evening. >> heard some lady screaming and heard the shots. i didn't lookout side. >> he was last seen wearing a red 49ers jacket with black sleeves he may be driving a 99 white dodge van with blue stripe he may be headed to mexico or to new mexico where he has family. >> in the east bay there was a community meeting in oakland last night to discuss the killings of another african american man by police. organizers believe the killing of derek jones demonstrates a disturbing pattern and that is why people protested thursday against the shooting. in the wake of a 2 year sentence for former bart police officer for the shooting death of oscar grant. >> these officers are wearing cameras, right. if they are, where is the camera with what happened with
8:04 am
derek jones. his shooting was a direct result of perry giving the mandate to these police officers they have a right to kill. >> officers say jones was shot after he attempted to kill and woman and they had to chase him down and he refused to put his hands up. the man who said he would blow up the bay bridge last week is facing charges of making a false bomb threat, kidnapping and child endangerment he surrendered after he called 911 and said he had explosives. the upper deck was closed for 2 hours. his 15-year-old daughter was inside the suv but she got out some time in the middle of the stand off. he was distraught over marital problems. a san francisco police officer killed in the line of duty is being remembered. 16 years since he was gunned
8:05 am
down. he was the first officer to get to the scene of a shooting at pine and franklin a man shooting from the window of an apartment building injured several people before police shot and killed him. a memorial was held at the site where he lost his life in 1994. >> he has lead san francisco since 2004 now he is facing a new challenge. >> yeah, new job. lieutenant governor. we sat down and talked to him. okay first question of course would be you are going to sacramento to try to fix it. how bad is it? >> numbers don't tell the realtorry and they are ominous, $25 billion over 20 months but it is the money we have been receiving in the past that will no longer be receiving. >> from washington. >> federal money, all these reimbursements we have been the
8:06 am
beneficiary of. this deficit is much bigger even though it is smaller in dollar terms it is bigger substantively in terms of difficulty. >> you have been in local government for a number of years and are familiar with state government. what do you see as the biggest problems for the state having refused to deal with this? >> last 30 year it is state has taken on more and taken away more money from the city. it is essential what we call realignment not only did the candidate gerry brown but governor elect gerry brown talk about it. now we have leaders saying the same thing we have to empower the cities and counties you will see a dramatic shift billions brought back to cities and counties the challenge is standardization some will do well others will pull away and
8:07 am
accountability. it will be a multiyear phase out of somethings they do particularly juvenile justice, mental health issues, pete wilson did some of this in the 90s. i am the only county mayor in california, some appreciation of what counties do. so that is one of the ways to reduce the size -- overall size of the budget in the state as well as reducing the burden of these deficits. >> you still have a couple months left as mayor of san francisco. what are somethings you want to see done? >> i have 10 pages that i gave my staff last week they were just shaking their heads when is this guy out of here. we have a short period of time, 50 plus days and very specific initiatives that are either pending board approval. >> such as. >> open data. i want to have the most
8:08 am
transparent administration, we have ordinance allowing the city to put its information online. >> what about big things like saving america's cup. >> well, that is number one because we are just a few weeks away from hearing a determination from larry ellison. we are competing with rome we have a host city agreement, six host sponsors. if they can show early indication they will support that we are in the drivers seat it will be very difficult for rome to outcome pete san francisco. and then to quantify some of the agreements we have maid made. >> look the work we have done i want to complete the work at treasure island, we have a lot of work to do on the subway i have a lot of homeless work to complete, big housing work,
8:09 am
public housing. >> somewhere you have to over see the transition to some body as acting or interim mayor who is going to make at that call? >> i don't see any within with six votes it will be intriguing next week at the boards we will know what they are going to do look you have a brand new board of supervisors that will convene on january 8th. current board will convene next week to talk about the interimmayor they can take action as early as this tuesday but it is unlikely it will be six votes i think it will be the new board. i think the new board will want a voice. you have folks thinking wait a second i have to live with this mayor you guys are making decisions and being termed out. that is not fair. there are probably 7 or 8 real cant dades, this is like watching that game of survivor unbelievable what people are doing the challenge is whatever is interimmayor it is a short
8:10 am
period of time it just goes through november and during the mayors race not a lot of focus and attention. it is a dead end job that is why i think someone needs to be elevated that is apolitical not looking to run for the office, mature ash tour. >> your pick would be? >> i have strong opinions. >> stay above the fray. >> i am attempting. >> you did a good job thanks for stopping by. >> he has so many things to accomplish, good luck with that. and isn't this the guy he said he didn't know what a lieutenant governor did. >> i think he was choking trying to deflect rumors he was dropping out but he is now going to have the lieutenant governor's job quite a step down but does keep him in the game. it is john paul george and
8:11 am
rip go like few have seen them before. exhibition of rare beatles photography. we will give you a closer look. >> controversial movie screening in marin county that was off but now back on public apology and why this documentary is raising so many eyebrows pgh >> out the door, beautiful day taking shape in and around the bay. gusty conditions local hills we look for sunshine and warm temperatures to prevail details up next this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes.
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area theater *pulled "a provocative award-winning documentary", it appears "the gorgeous shot of coat tower. welcome back. just after a bay area theatre pulled a provocative award winning documentary it appears it will go on after all. lark theatre yanked the film daddy i do, about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it.
8:15 am
the producers say it was pulled because theatre board members told her it wasn't pertinent to marin but now the board is saying we made several terrible mistakes and feel horrible. it will screen there next month. a piece of history on display in the bay area a rare collection of beatles photos. >> how the never before seen pictures ended up at an exhibit at uc berkley. >> reporter: the man who took these was unknown that is what the beatles wanted. >> this wasn't my first gig and i got a call from my agent you are shooting the beatles next weekend. great of course i was apprehensive but wasn't scared of them. >> reporter: these were taken over a two day period in the lives of john, paul, george and
8:16 am
rip go right before they recorded the white album. >> these 25 black and white stills are part of a collection never shown. steven goldblood kept the negatives in a box for 42 yearforgot about them. >> my still photography career from age to have 17 to 24 and then i sold my cameras and gave it up. >> after you did the beatles that was it for you. >> like i am being arrogant i just knew they were beautiful and great but i was obsessed with becoming a cinemaing to are fehr. >> he went on to film movies and was not named for academy awards. the documentary program convinced him to display the rare photos. he occasionally sees the surviving beatles but doubt they would remember him.
8:17 am
>> i mean this is nuts at that time. i got most of my work because i was sober. [ laughter ] >> that was the 60s and now decades later, beatles fans are still fascinated by the group. the photos are on display at uc berkley's graduate journalism gallery. that is quite a get for the university. >> and people are turning out to see it as well chef >> jim bernard really good news in the weather department 70s jim. >> 70s today throughout the region back to the beach low 70s upper 60s. sunshine prevail as we take a look at outside cameras and take a tour around the bay we see mostly sunny skies, high, thin cirrus clouds drifting in,
8:18 am
high pressure to prevail not much in the way of wind but across the hills, 20, 30-mile an hour winds, going to pick up through the day ridge tops will be gusty, vacca cam, going around a little bit. seeing winding develop wind advisory up for the north and east bay hills. 20 to 40-mile an hour winds, gusts, 50 to 60-mile an hour range. be careful if you are in wind prone areas on the bay winds pick up through the afternoon as well for you sailors, america's cup comparison, cloudy and wet in rome right now. the bay area is the best choice sunny conditions and warm through the day gusty winds down to the bay level a little less so at water, 20 miles an hour on the bay area. 70s extend back near the beach
8:19 am
here by this afternoon into tomorrow as well. high pressure system will hang on for the next couple days, sending the jet stream to our north an offshore breeze developing across the region. that will keep the fog to a minimum warm temperatures likely to prevail next couple days, high and dry conditions continue with gusty conditions then winds begin to settle down tomorrow mid-week low clouds and fog, winds shift to more on shore breeze temperatures cool a little bit and we will talk rain or at least potential for rain by next weekend. in the meantime enjoy this nice little break while it lasts because it is quite lovely out there, mid- to upper 70s. warmer locations, moving back into east bay hills mid-70s range upper 60s. low 70s back to the water as again it is hard to believe but it is ice rink season
8:20 am
embarcadero center holiday ice rink open and running. 49ers game, 68 degrees, sunny conditions down at candlestick as we look at the seven-day forecast we see conditions will continue through the week looking for a few more clouds mid-week on by next weekened we may talk rain once again across the region. nice little break here with lots of sunshine and plenty of warm temperatures to go around just hang on to your hats. >> just about perfect. >> i still have a tough time jim. 70 degrees you go to the ice skating rink and lookout over palm trees. >> that is a good time. >> a little mushy i would think. >> no, they have some serious technology. it is cool. >> next the matier and ross column. >> big money to think about building the southern cross another second bridge? what it might cost to consider such a thing and how much it
8:21 am
might cost drivers if it happens. >> does facebook have a shot of taking over e-mail the same way it dominates social networking. the big announcement that could come this week
8:22 am
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. reports say the social networking facebook is working its way into the world of e-mail. social networking site is about to unvail a new e-mail program and it could happen as soon as this week. it is called project titan and unofficially called the g mail killer. details have been kept secret but facebook has a special event scheduled tomorrow in san francisco. >> election shake up, you were busy with your phil matier and
8:24 am
ross column. >> here we go again with another crossing study on the bay bridge. they do it every 10 years the last one was suggested by diane feinstein what the need would be for a second bridge to go over the bay. the panel on the transportation commission voted to spend $400,000 on a preliminary study to see if there should be a full blown study down the line costing a million dollars. whether or not the new bridge gets built is up in the air but if that happens we get another bridge there is a chance the tolls could be jacked up on all the bridges to 11 to $12 per crossing during the morning commute. i have to tell you ann the idea of building another bridge, the martin, san mateo, bay bridge this idea comes up every once in awhile i don't know if we have the traffic given the economy >> i can't believe the price of a study i need to get into
8:25 am
it. >> you need to get into the study business. do you have any idea how much money goes into transportation studies. so many agencies i think they get grid locked going to work. >> and then that is the end of it. if they decide it is a no go it is money wasted. >> if they get the seed money for the start, you know you have a central subway going through downtown san francisco. >> next one more look at this week's forecast pgh >> police dogs work just as hard as human counter parts. a look at them showing off their skills in southern cool fourneau -- california ,, [ male announcer ] come for lunch at sizzler and choose from malibu, lemon herb,
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competing for the title of "top dog" more than 35 offic canine police units showed off their skills competing for title of top dog. >> more than 35 officers and dogs turned out for canine trials in palm desert they were
8:28 am
judged in a series of tests designed to mirror real life situations they had to chase down a suspect who refused to drop his gun or escort a prisoner fighting off an attack. >> they are amazing and one last check of the forecast. jim bernard how is that for a transition. >> good dog. at ease. weather wise, high pressure prevailing lots of sunshine warm temperatures, mid-to upper 70s no rain in the picture until this time next week make the best of it, some great fall weather. >> all right. thanks for joining us this morning. >> that is it for this edition of weekend early edition thanks for joining us. >> our next newscast 5:30. face the nation next here on cbs 5 enjoy your beautiful sunday @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@3q experts from a leading consumer publication
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recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number 1, beating cascade. try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine.


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